Steven Caras

"An extraordinary piece of film making that stands as a testament to a phenomenal artist. It is a brilliant and gripping experience watching his art take shape; journeying both as a dancer and a man."
-- Michael Feinstein, Entertainer

"What a great triumph! Entertaining, emotional, elegant and great fun."
-- Jeff Sagansky, Chairman of Hemisphere Media Capital, and former President of CBS Entertainment and Sony Pictures Entertainment

"As Steven Caras spoke in the film of his passion, commitment, dedication, pain--I felt an intimate understanding of who this great artist is. What a blessing to the world of dance and those of us who love it!"
-- Cathy Rigby, Actress, Gymnast, Motivational Speaker

"Steven and I grew up together on the lawns of the Saratoga Performing Arts Center when he was dancing with New York City Ballet and I was acting with John Houseman's Acting Company. I knew him to be a soulful, beautiful, generous, artistic youth. As a photographer, all of those exemplary qualities have found another conduit. He is a supreme photographer in the ballet world-- passionately underscored in this wonderful film."
-- Patti LuPone, Tony Award-winning performing artist

Inspired by Steven Caras' extraordinary career in the world of dance, film makers Deborah Novak and John Witek have chronicled his remarkable life and story in their international and Emmy Award-winning PBS documentary, Steven Caras: See Them Dance. In intimate detail, Caras candidly shares professional and personal anecdotes and milestones, from his difficult childhood to his days as a dancer with the New York City Ballet under the mentorship of the legendary George Balanchine, to the often bumpy path he courageously continued on, leading to a luminous second career as the foremost dance photographer of his time. Through a mosaic of Caras' breathtaking images, he reveals much of the ballet dancer's world both onstage and behind the scenes, in tandem with compelling interviews with numerous dance icons including Jacques d'Amboise, Patricia McBride, Mia Michaels, Kay Mazzo, Peter Martins, Allegra Kent, Sean Lavery, Elizabeth Streb, Gary Chryst, Jean-Pierre Bonnefoux and Virginia Johnson among others.

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In addition to an Emmy, Steven Caras: See Them Dance received the 2012 Grand Remi Award for Best Television film at the 45th Annual Worldfest-Houston International Film Festival.



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