The Emmy Award-winning public television film, STEVEN CARAS: SEE THEM DANCE, * recounts the story of a young man’s daring journey at a time when men pursuing a dance career rarely escaped unscathed. Passionate and personal, this straight-forward narrative by renowned film-maker Deborah Novak, follows Caras’ transition from being the youngest male dancer at the New York City Ballet to becoming its ultimate image maker.

Steven Caras’ professional life as a dance artist began under the tutelage of the legendary George Balanchine. Indeed, it was Balanchine who discovered Caras’ additional gift for photography and encouraged him to pursue it with the same passion as he had for dance.

“I hope that those who view the film benefit from what I believe to be its core message. Never question that all-knowing voice within — insisting we accept and embrace who we really are — and then get on with doing something proactive about it.” — Steven Caras


“An extraordinary piece of filmmaking that stands as a testament to a phenomenal artist. It is a brilliant and gripping experience watching his art take shape; a journeying both as a dancer and as a man.”Michael Feinstein, Entertainer

“What a great triumph! Entertaining, emotional, elegant, and great fun.”Jeff Sagansky, Chairman of Hemisphere Media Capital, and former President of CBS Entertainment and Sony Pictures Entertainment

“Fascinating, poignant, heartfelt, funny…all brought together through one great storyline, identifiable to everyone who watches it. A brilliantly executed piece of film-making.”
Christy Welker, former ABC Network Executive and former Movies for Television Producer

“Steven Caras is a supreme photographer in the ballet world – passionately underscored in this wonderful film.”Patti LuPone, Tony Award-winning Performing Artist

“Steven Caras’ life has run such a fascinating course, landing him at the center of the exquisite and ephemeral world of dance few outside the profession have seen. This wonderful film lets us share his privileged access, but even more wonderfully captures for us Steve’s uniquely inspirational journey of self-transformation as an artist and a man.”Michael Cerveris, Tony Award-winning Performing Artist

“As Steven Caras spoke in the film of his passion, commitment, dedication, pain – I felt an intimate understanding of who this great artist is. What a blessing to the world of dance and those of us who love it!”Cathy Rigby, Actress, Gymnast, Motivational Speaker

“Steven Caras’ life is art, and as this vivid documentary makes clear – ballet is only part of it.“Laurence Leamer, Author, The New York Times best-seller list

“This documentary is about so much more than ballet. This documentary is about triumph of life. I cannot guarantee my son will dance, but you better believe I will now support him 100% if he wants to.”Brian Bratspis, Private Wealth Manager

“Steven Caras critically acclaimed photographic archive is one of the most historically significant image collections of all time. How it came to be is a chronicle of the birth and rebirth of the artistic spirit, and of the emotional hurdles all professional dancers face, which have yet to be shared with such candid detail.”John Witek, Producer, Steven Caras: See Them Dance

“Steven Caras is a pioneer and an inspired role model that others will love and whose example, will live by.”Carole Lynn Grant, Author, Motivational Speaker

“There is proof-positive in this story of the light at the end of the tunnel we all struggle through in our adolescence. I believe it may also influence others to think twice before bullying or teasing someone who falls outside what peer pressure considers orthodox.”Jay Weinert, Spiritual Counselor, Life Coach


* 2012 Emmy Award™ in the category of Arts & Entertainment; and 2012 Grand Remi Award, Best Television Film of 2012, at the Worldfest-Houston International Film Festival